Artist’s Statement

A longstanding appreciation of Renaissance and Baroque art has influenced my study and creation of art. In support of this appreciation I spent a year of study in Florence, Italy while enrolled in a MA Program at Syracuse University.  Initially, I focused on the still-life genre not only because of its long history, but also because it provided an unlimited supply of subject matter that could be “set-up” and drawn to tell a story.
My still-life compositions combine a variety of organic and non-organic, most of which contain a vessel or container the contents of which span the cycle of life and death.  The majority of these compositions have been executed in graphite on paper. The tactile quality of graphite allowed me to build on the nuances of each surface represented by the objects that comprise my compositions. The transition to watercolor and pastel, not only allows me to continue "drawing", but also to incorporate color and ever changing vistas; vistas not unlike the variety presented in still-life compositions.
My art, whether watercolor, pastel or graphite, is influenced by the ancient Greek and Roman tradition of landscape and still life paintings frequently found on the walls of guest quarters in private domiciles such as those found in Pompeii. These images provided a private devotional area and visual banquet for the guests and evoked an impression of hospitality and generosity. This ancient tradition is the undertone of my artwork.